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  • Many Exemptions will Auto-Renew this Year Due to COVID-19

     Exemption applicants can now file online at Assessor’s website

    Cook County Assessor Fritz Kaegi reminds property owners that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Illinois legislature is allowing the Assessor’s Office to automatically renew many property tax exemptions for tax year 2020. The following exemptions will automatically renew this year, for homeowners who received them last year for tax year 2019 and who remained eligible in 2020:

  • Homeowner Exemption (annual auto-renewal)
  • Senior Exemption (annual auto-renewal)
  • Senior Freeze Exemption (2020 auto-renewal)
  • Persons with Disabilities Exemption (2020 auto-renewal)
  • Veterans with Disabilities Exemption (2020 auto-renewal)
  • In the next couple of weeks, hundreds of thousands of households will receive mail from the Assessor that confirms the auto-renewal of the exemptions placed on their homes. All exemptions will be applied to the second installment property tax bills issued in summer of 2021.

    Property owners are advised that the first installment bill that was recently mailed to property owners does not reflect 2020 exemptions or assessment appeal, or COVID adjustments. By law, it is 55 percent of the total taxes paid the previous year.

    The Assessor’s Office also identifies households who may be newly eligible for exemptions (such as homes that recently sold before January 1, 2020) and homes that have not received an exemption in the last two years. The Assessor’s Office mails Taxpayer Exemption Booklets directly to these homeowners.  The booklets contain applications and instructions on how to apply for the Homeowner, Senior, and Senior Freeze Exemptions if eligible.

    Applications for new exemptions are also available online via the Assessor’s website at and are due March 31, 2021.

    In addition, the Assessor’s Office determines which properties may qualify under state law for the Longtime Homeowner Exemption, and mails an application to these homeowners.

    Additional information regarding all exemptions may be found by visiting the Assessor’s website,

  • As the pandemic worsened life for our people, and having done so already for the second installment of 2020, I convinced the County Board to waive penalties on late payments for two months on both property tax installments in 2021.
    • The First Installment of 2020 taxes is due March 2, 2021, with application of late charges moved back to May 3, 2021.
    • The Second Installment of 2020 taxes is due August 2, 2021, with application of late charges moved back to October 1, 2021The 
    •  Township Assessor's Office serves as a local liaison to the Cook County Assessor's Office.  As Liaison we strive to provide professional help for all your real estate assessment and tax bill needs.  

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