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Assessor's Office

Lemont Township is now open for appeals with the Cook County Board of Review.  Appeal dates are November 4- December 3, 2019.

You can file an appeal online at  

Or you can:

Request an appointment time with us here at the Lemont Township Assessor's Office.  Appointment times are 8am-3pm Monday through Friday and there are evening appointments also available on Wednesdays.

You may also request comparables to be sent to your email address for your online appeal.  

The Lemont Township Assessor’s Office continues to serve the community with property assessment and tax issues that residents may have. This office is our local source for assistance to appeal assessed values, apply for Homeowner, Disabled Persons, Disabled Veterans, Senior, and Senior Assessment Freeze exemptions.

The office also processes building permits, maintains a database containing assessed values, sales, and transfers information.

To receive direct information regarding assessment appeal dates one can join our email notification list.

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Office Hours: 7:30am - 3:00pm

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Kenneth C. Jacobowski CIAO

Township Assessor

Joyce Black

Assessor Administrative Assistant

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